school culture


SmartStart: Starting the School Year Off Right

If we focus on anything but academics to start the school year - such as culture, opportunity, creativity, relationships and the “why” - we may actually produce a more academically successful student and school year. This post explores how to make that happen.

SEL & Mindset

Letting Students Lead School Culture

If school leaders and classroom teachers recognize the collective power of their students, then it makes sense for them to give their students the chance to identify needs, challenges, and issues within their school's culture, and develop potential means of addressing them.

Project-Based Learning

Rightly Seeing Students: Takeaways from SXSW EDU

If we want to expect more from our students, then we ought to view them as more than “just” students. These four paradigms can serve as a foundation for making this cultural shift a reality in your school or district.

Project-Based Learning

How to Create & Cultivate a PBL Culture

Transitioning to a more project-based pedagogy can be challenging and overwhelming, but there is one simple factor in particular that will affect your success: culture. Learn more about how to build a PBL culture here.

Personalized Learning

Teaching Core Values

Bailey Thomson, Director of School Operations for SPARK Schools, spoke at TEDxJohannesburg about the significance of teaching core values to students. Here are SPARKS five core values and what they mean.