Our regular Town Halls create space to collaboratively design, discuss and discover what’s next in learning. Our time together will help to build collective momentum and understanding, make us more aware of what the field needs next, and it better enables us to empower every learner to thrive and act with purpose.

Each month, Getting Smart hosts a town hall on a selected topic. During this collaborative time, attendees have the opportunity to learn, connect and ask questions about the future of learning. 

Do you have a topic you’d love to see covered? Email Mason or tweet us @Getting_Smart using the hashtag #GSTownHall.

Agriculture & Technology: Building K-12 Pathways to The Future of Agriculture

September 21st, 2023 | 10 am P.T.

Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in the world and one that is uniquely susceptible to global events such as supply chain challenges and climate change. These drivers are fundamentally shifting the tools and skills needed to work in the agriculture sector. Organizations around the country are helping young people to identify these new opportunities and providing them with valuable learning experiences to set them on the right path. On this Getting Smart Town Hall, we will hear from multiple guests about their respective pathways and offerings while showing leaders around the country how they can get started in this urgent and evolving sector.