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Future of Learning

Three Keys to Making Game-Based Learning Student-Centered

There is a wide array of resources available that support learning through digital games and established approaches for integrating games into the school curriculum. Some fit easily into existing teaching practices and have seen widespread adoption, including platforms like Kahoot!


The Need for More Formative Research in Edtech

While edtech products do demonstrate potential in aiding student learning, more weight needs to be given to formative education technology research that focuses on improving product features and implementation protocols, which are currently impeding student progress on many education technology solutions.


Why Your Students Need a Manifesto

Students today can benefit from having a personal manifesto, which is a statement of purpose and a script for action to anchor you in your values when you’re faced with dilemmas. Educators can help students create their personal manifesto with a flexible series of exercises, which can then be shared with a larger group to deepen their understanding of each other.