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Michael Niehoff is a Getting Smart Columnist. He is a teacher, leader, blogger, and student advocate. Connect with him on Twitter: @mwniehoff

Understanding Why We Work Should Inform Education

Regardless of the instructional approach, teachers are tasked with creating a pathway to work for their students. Michael Niehoff and countless other teachers are trying to unlock the magic of how we can maximize and optimize the internal desire to work.

Redefining Readiness: New Literacies

Readiness has become a popular way to describe the mission. Are our students ready? Many like college and career ready. Others like Future Ready. In Part 1 of Redefining Readiness, Michael Niehoff focused on Pedagogy and Courses. For Part 2, he explores new literacies.

Redefining Readiness

If Education is collectively committed to real readiness, it will require a radically different approach to learning and school. It’s time for a new dominant pedagogy, entirely new courses and to embrace new literacies. More than ever, what we have done before will not get it done going forward.

Mid-Year Reflections, Redos, Reboots and Restarts

It’s December now and we’re focused a lot on finishing strong before our breaks. Facilitators and learners need that winter break. But what will be different in January when we all return? Anything? A new calendar could mean a lot of new things. Let’s not it just be a new number. When students return in January, what is their learning going to look like, feel like and ultimately be like? Mid-year is the perfect time for a whole new year.

Service Learning: Think Global, Act Local

Many educators are trying to do more inquiry and project-based approaches, connect more to their communities, allow students to experience relevant and engaging academic work, collaborate with diverse partners and have students address real-world problems or challenges. As Michael Niehoff explains, this is where service learning, like all good pedagogies, can be all-encompassing.

Educating the Whole Child Through PBL

Project-based learning has been touted as the pedagogical cure-all for many things. Indeed, I have long argued it’s the ultimate instructional...

6 Ways to Inject Creativity Into PBL

In his latest post, Michael Niehoff explores six ways that one could infuse creativity into a project-based learning environment.