How do I start a place-based learning initiative?

Getting started with a place-based initiative can be a challenge. You might not realize the assets of your community, it may not check the boxes of the outdoor education photos you’ve seen… this playlist can help you get started.

How do I create a learner centered school?

In order to create a learner-centered environment, you must constantly be re-evaluating whether or not your practices truly center to the learner.

Should my child go to college?

Making decisions about college are unbelievably challenging. Due to shifting workforce demands, rising costs of higher education and more it is an increasingly defining decision to make — and it isn’t for everyone.

How will AI impact my school?

Artificial Intelligence has already to begun to reshape the fabric of what we know and what work means. It also will have massive implications for learning and teaching.

How do I stay motivated in the classroom?

We are in the midst of some of the most challenging years ever for educators. Continuing to stay motivated, inspired and focused on the “why” of education is crucial.

How do I start a school?

In order to create a school model that can stay agile to personalize learning for young people and to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, new innovations are necessary.