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Kristen Thorson is a Getting Smart Columnist. She is known for her experience as a teacher, interventionist, and curriculum and assessment developer. Connect with her on twitter: @kristenthorson

Ensuring Readiness for All Through Math Literacy

Bob Moses has spent his life advocating, organizing, and teaching in pursuit of equality and access for all. Over the last several decades, he has continued that fight for equal opportunity and access, with a similar urgency and fervor. This time, however, the goal is to ensure sufficient access and support for math preparation for minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

New Guide Helps Parents Support Students in LEADing in Their Learning

Following the success of both the "Learning Differences MOOC-Ed" for educators and the "Students LEAD" course, The Friday Institute launched "Letting Students LEAD," a parent-directed companion resource to further support maximizing student learning.

Extending Social Emotional Learning into the Home

Though the addition of social-emotional learning to the standard set of curricula offerings has marked benefits for developing the whole child, social-emotional skills cannot be learned in the vacuum of school alone. This post explores ways to bring social-emotional learning into the home.

When the School Doors Close: Tips for Families To Help Students Continue Learning When...

By: Erin Gohl & Kristen Thorson. When disaster hits families face the reality that schools must close during such emergencies. Here are tips to help keep the learning going.

A Beginning Rather Than an End: Reframing Summer as the Start of Next School...

By reframing the potential of summer, from “ten weeks of academic wilderness between school years” to “the start of the next learning opportunity,” summer has the possibility to serve as a smooth, engaging, and uninterrupted continuation from one school year to the next.

Creating a Culture of Collaborative Family Engagement

As the spotlight has shifted to the role that families can play in education, many schools are scrambling to identify a starting point for how to invite families into student learning. Here are a few good considerations to keep in mind.

Early Learning Strategies for Developing Computational Thinking Skills

We live in a world with Smartphones and Smarthomes, and understanding how devices work allows us to approach technology as a partner to help us solve problems. Here's how we can start giving kids these skills sooner rather than later.