Future of Work

The future of work will bring new challenges and cause us to shift how we think about jobs and employability—so what does this mean for teaching and learning? In our exploration of the #FutureOfWork, sponsored by eduInnovation and powered by Getting Smart, we dive into what’s happening, what’s coming and how schools might prepare. For more, follow #FutureOfWork and visit our Future of Work page.


Top 5 Benefits of Coding for Kids

The benefits of learning to code are surprisingly wide-ranging. Here are the top five benefits of coding that help learners in many other aspects of their lives.

Future of Work

The Future Of Work Is About Humans

In Season 2, Episode 1 of SkillRise's Upskill with Edtech: Learners for Life podcast, Brandon Olszewski, Director of Research at ISTE, sits down with Tom Vander Ark to discuss why the future of work is actually about humans and uniquely human skills.