Future of Work

The future of work will bring new challenges and cause us to shift how we think about jobs and employability—so what does this mean for teaching and learning? In our exploration of the #FutureOfWork, sponsored by eduInnovation and powered by Getting Smart, we dive into what’s happening, what’s coming and how schools might prepare. For more, follow #FutureOfWork and visit our Future of Work page.

Competency-Based Education

Examples of Mastery Thresholds to Enable Mastery Learning in Multiple Subjects

By: Scott Ellis. Learning objectives and mastery thresholds are the starting point for mastery learning and the skeleton that organizes the content for learning and assessment. This post shares examples of MasteryTrack's collaboration with particular schools and networks to create mastery thresholds associated with specific learning objectives in multiple content areas.

Future of Work

You Can’t Spell Humanities Without Human

Remember working on book reports? Reading approximately 150-200 pages and praying to encounter another student’s previous annotations; anything to indicate what is important: a theme, an essential detail, anything. This level of comprehension and these sifting skills undulate and change through life, eventually manifesting in countless ways—a proclivity for storytelling,…

Future of Learning

Education in the Age of Agility

Driven by the rise of AI, automation, and big data, the Age of Agility Alliance brings attention to education through supporting the development of agile learners, educators and systems.

Future of Work

How Will Work Change in the Coming Decades? A Pittsburgh Case Study

According to the report “Still Hiring Humans: The Future of Work in Pittsburgh and Beyond,” workers of the future might change jobs as many as 15 times in their lifetimes. What should schools, employers, and communities focus on to prepare students for the future of work? Analyzing the report through the lens of an educator, Jamie Back summarizes her top takeaways.

Future of Learning

Leadership and Design Skills Chart the Future of Work

By Emily Liebtag and Tom Vander Ark. Taliq Tillman (above) is an outspoken sophomore at an Ivy League college and the co-founder of Diversity Talks, a nonprofit that gives voice to marginalized students. Tillman described to an audience at the University of Pennsylvania how traditional education—including the best known colleges—often…