We all learn differently and education is innovating more rapidly than ever. Getting Smart offers multiple learning experiences to advance innovation for equity.

Looking to customize an experience for your organization? To meet the various needs of our community, we offer in-person and virtual school tours, speaking engagements, webinars, and workshops on what’s next in education.

We design and facilitate in-person and virtual school and learning tours and professional learning opportunities. We also work with clients to develop event strategies and provide event management and logistics. 


Getting Smart has created a series of professional learning workshops to support leaders and learners in building a learning culture and expanding their knowledge and understanding of mindsets and productive struggle. Our workshop includes hands on activities, personalized approaches and interactive content to really take your professional learning to the next level.

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Webinars & Workshops

From design to delivery, create a webinar or workshop that delivers.


Thought provoking surveys of what’s next in learning led by a member of the Getting Smart team.


School Tours

We’ll handle the planning, logistics and on the ground learning. You bring your team or community, and together we’ll visit innovative schools that will help you imagine and realize what’s possible.


On demand coaching for leaders as they envision and create the path forward for learners.  



“I loved how you helped us have a clear understanding of the connections between mindset, self-talk, and working to change habits. The experiences were key to our understanding, and you scaffolded things well for us. I also loved your ability to stay connected to us by using names, reiterating points made, and showing your understanding of school culture.”

– Educator

“You guys were very energetic and inclusive of the audience so keep it up!”

– Student

“It was the perfect blend of instructional and hands-on learning!”

– Student

Work With Us

What is a challenge or set of challenges you feel Getting Smart can support? We personalize all of our projects in order to meet each individual partner’s needs.