Our team empowers leaders in learning. We specialize in instructional, school and system design, network advising and innovative leadership and learning models. This work includes workshops, design sessions, coaching, thought partnering, innovative program design and implementation support for learner-centered personalized learning.


Portrait of a Graduate & Learner Profile

Through system design and implementation, we help bring PoG and learner profiles to life. Check out our recent publication on the power of aligned, system-wide portraits.


Instructional Design

Determine, build and implement the pedagogy and instructional strategies that will support or create a learner-centered system. 


Learning Trips

Planning and facilitation of experiences that will help your team imagine and realize what’s possible for their community of learners. 


New School & Program Design

Starting from the ground and building to launch. Coaching, design, and strategy support to get a new school or program ready for learners. 


On-Demand Coach

Looking for a partner in innovation? We are happy to work on an on-demand basis to help you actualize real change for your students and community.

Work With Us

What is a challenge or set of challenges you feel Getting Smart can support? We personalize all of our projects in order to meet each individual partner’s needs.