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A Refresher Course on the NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are a structured and cohesive three-dimensional approach to science education in the US. This post explores what they are, and how they work.

Mapping 21st-Century Skills to SEL Competencies

The relationship between Socio-Emotional Competencies and 21st-Century Skills has been uppermost on my mind lately because of a series of key events. In mid-January I spent the day working with 250 North Dakota school leaders, who came together in Mandan to learn how to better implement the state’s Choice Ready initiative. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)…

Facebook Buys Into Blockchain, Sparks Learning About Ledgers

Big news this week as Facebook hires blockchain researchers. This acqui-hire confirms their interest in crypto-payments and signals growth in the use of distributed ledger technology. The race is on for blockchain talent. What's this mean for education?

4 Reasons to Attend the Inaugural Digital Learning Annual Conference

If you're not already planning to be part of the inaugural Digital Learning Annual Conference in Austin this spring, you should add it to your list. Here are four reasons why (hint: one reason may be a discount code just for our readers) we think you should attend!

Becoming Fearless with Jean Case

We recently had the opportunity to interview Jean Case about her new book, Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a LIfe of Breakthroughs and Purpose. Listen in as we discuss her definition of fearlessness and how she thinks both students and teachers can act on this principle (of letting urgency conquer fear).

You’ve Heard Computers Have Low EQ, Not Anymore

You’ve heard that computers don’t understand human emotions well, so people should focus less on basic skills and more on social and emotional learning. It’s a prevalent narrative but it just isn’t true anymore.

STEM Projects in Active Learning Spaces at Samueli Academy

“If they know we care, they respond,” said Anthony Saba, Executive Director at Samueli Academy in Santa Ana. He’s learned that “You can’t have good academics without a strong culture.” A culture of trust, respect, and hard work is evident in every classroom at Samueli Academy.

Post-Secondary Preparation Through Guidance and Advisement

By: Kiara Lewis. We all play a role in student success, meaning parents, teachers, counselors, advisors, and even peers. This factor alone is a key motivator of why advisory is so important and why it should be a priority in our schools. The methods we use to guide and advise our students are like puzzle pieces to their now and their future.