There’s Something In the AIR: The Brave New World’s Fair

Key Points

  • It’s time to get in the sandbox.

The ASU+GSV AIR Show, set for April 13-15, 2024, at the San Diego Convention Center, is dubbed a “Brave New World’s Fair,” and will explore the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and education. This event will gather educators, administrators, founders, investors, professionals, and AI enthusiasts from around the world and will feature practical tools, keynotes, workshops, product demos, and over 100 AI exhibitors. 

It’s a hub for learning new skills, experiencing technological advancements, and networking with leaders and peers in the field. Keynoted by Bill Nye, this event will feature numerous Getting Smart regulars such as Tom Vander Ark, Erin Mote, Amada Bickerstaff and Sabba Quidwai.

Additionally, the program is packed with education leaders, entrepreneurs and difference-makers including:

  • Yusuf Ahmad, Playlab
  • Aaron Cuny, AI for Equity
  • Jhone Ebert, Nevada Superintendent 
  • Bodo Hoenen, NOLEJ
  • Alex Fortran, aiEDU
  • JD Larock, NFTE
  • Maria Langworthy, CampusEvolve
  • Jeff Livingston, EdSolutions
  • Jason Raush, PLTW
  • Jeremy Roschelle, Digital Promise 
  • Taylor Shead, Stemuli
  • Katrina Stevens, The Tech

“Artificial Intelligence is Air—Ubiquitous. Invisible. Required for Life.”

Sessions to Look Forward To

Tom Vander Ark and Sabba Quidwai are going to be tag teaming a number of sessions at this event including:

Irrelevant or Irreplaceable: The Superpowers That Will Shape Your Contribution in an AI World

As the lines between human and machine capabilities continue to blur join us to help answer: 

What are the skills and mindsets that define our human advantage? This isn’t just a technology question, it’s a human question that gives everyone the opportunity to redefine their role and impact in an AI world. We’ll share where AI is now, where it is headed in the future, and the qualities that will make you irreplaceable. 

Is There a Different Way: A Design Thinking Approach to AI Integration 

How might we design systems that are human-centered and technology-driven? In this session you’ll learn how four organizations used a design thinking approach to AI integration to turn information into innovation. Learn how they fostered an environment where teachers, students, staff, and leaders cultivate the mindset and skills to embrace AI as a collaborative partner, enhancing creativity, building trust, and amplifying their human advantage. This session not only invites you to envision deeply human-centered systems—where technology strengthens empathy and connection—but also encourages you to bring your questions and engage directly with the transformative potential of AI in education.

Supercharging Real World Learning With AI. How gen AI helps learners co-author community connected projects.

Discover how generative AI is revolutionizing real-world learning by enabling students to co-author projects that deeply connect with their communities. Hear how two schools are using technology not only as a tool for learning but as a partner in creating meaningful, impactful work. We’ll share how it empowers learners to design projects that reflect their skills, ideas, and aspirations, enabling them to build dynamic portfolios that showcase their unique contributions to real-world challenges. We’ll explore the ways in which generative AI amplifies students’ abilities to innovate, collaborate, and make a difference, preparing them for a future where their education directly contributes to college and career readiness, and the advancement of their communities.

Supercharging Teaching With AI. How gen AI can help teachers design and support powerful learning experiences 

More than just a tool, AI can become an integral member of your educational team, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most: building meaningful relationships and rediscovering the art and joy of teaching.  With your new Educator’s AI Toolkit, designed to infuse generative AI seamlessly into your workflow we will practice innovative strategies to elevate assessments from papers to engaging project-based experiences and turn traditional lessons into dynamic learning adventures. Your take-home toolkit will make AI a collaborative partner enhancing both your professional skills and your students’ learning experiences.

Why This Matters

This event couldn’t be coming at a better time. A survey from EdWeek shows that most educators are still not using AI despite it being an increasingly accessible and powerful tool with radical potential.  

Sites like Teach.AI offer resources to introduce AI into schools and districts, and organizations like Michigan Virtual are creating helpful resources and roadmaps for upskilling their teacher force. We’re living in a new world and it’s time to get in the shuffle and start playing. AI for Education from Amanda Bickerstaff offers helpful guides and prompts to get educators in the sandbox.

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