We provide strengths-based, flexible, client driven strategic support to the education ecosystem – including schools, organizations, businesses, foundations, and districts. We focus on building strategy around innovation for equity – increasing extraordinary learning opportunities for every student. 



Codification, replication, network models.

Strategic planning

Design based, iterative strategies rather than stand-alone long-duration plans.

Product & brand development

Market positioning, go-to-market strategy – notably for early stage companies, understanding landscape, unique value-adds, and market crowding.

Edu foundation investment strategy

Supporting educational foundations to determine how to invest resources in the most impactful and relevant areas, landscape analyses, recommendations.


Organizational development

On-demand strategic support and coaching

Short term strategic support.


Work With Us

What is a challenge or set of challenges you feel Getting Smart can support? We personalize all of our projects in order to meet each individual partner’s needs.