Place Based Education

A Literature Class in a Museum: A Place-Based Experience

This multi-authored post shares a number of perspectives on a college literature class on Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and some of their contemporaries, which was taught on-site at the Stowe and Twain house museums in Hartford, Connecticut.

Early Learning

Four Ways Adults Can Support Child Literacy

By: Mitch Center. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, uncle, mentor or even an older sibling, you have the opportunity—and responsibility—to help the kids around you fall in love with books. Here's how.


Focusing on Literacy for 21st-Century Skill Building

By: Dr. Joseph C. Barrow, Jr. In 2015, Georgia’s Department of Education replaced end-of-year assessments with a new test to incorporate more rigorous writing and literacy standards. Here's how our district strategically addressed this challenge.