Early Learning

The Path to Reading Requires Quality Curriculum

High-quality, aligned instructional materials, particularly foundational skills curricula, are integral to addressing reading literacy challenges and ensuring all students have access to the skills they need for success in college and career.

SEL & Mindset

Redefining Readiness

If Education is collectively committed to real readiness, it will require a radically different approach to learning and school. It’s time for a new dominant pedagogy, entirely new courses and to embrace new literacies. More than ever, what we have done before will not get it done going forward.


A Lean Approach to Literacy Technology

By Janine Caffrey - Eric Reis, who wrote the business bestseller The Lean Startup, says there are five principles behind the lean process--each has a correlate that can be adapted to the education community’s adoption of literacy technology. Learn more here.

Early Learning

20 Ways to Celebrate National Family Literacy Day

Did you know the single greatest indicator of children’s success is the literacy level of their parents? Did you know that parental involvement in their child’s reading has been found to be the most important determinant of language and emergent literacy?

Ed Policy

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Dyslexia

By: Shantell Thaxton Berrett. One in five students has a language-based learning disability, the most common of which is dyslexia. In a rapidly changing time for dyslexia legislation, here's what you need to know.

Early Learning

Dialogue on a Content-Rich Elementary Experience

A blog I created sharing a taxonomy of views on personalized learning ranging from content-centric to student-centered resulted in this spirited email dialogue with education leaders about the role of content in developing language proficiency.