Lifelong Learning

Difference Making

Learning is Happening Everywhere–Let’s Embrace That

By: David Blake. As a rising generation of learners progress within their careers, they increasingly look beyond formal education to develop, sharpen and learn new skills. But despite the fact that learning is happening in every way and everywhere, measuring it is not happening--and it should.


Always Learning: College Now & Later

A generation ago you went to school until you were 21 and then worked until you were 65; now employability is all about lifelong learning — for the next job, during the next job, and learning to do what you love.


Infographic | The Future of Lifelong Learning

By: Christina Yu. Lifelong learning organizations and initiatives, explores the trends today around educational aspiration, access, and affordability, and describes some of the societal benefits we can expect to see from lifelong learning in the future.

Ed Policy

Career Education: Even College Grads Should be Employable

Parents with boomerang kids in the basement have learned that even college graduates should possess skills and dispositions that make them employable. Young people need access to postsecondary learning and work experiences that will help them develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions for employability.


Pathbrite Provides E-Portfolios For All Learners

Even though e-portfolios are a natural fit for higher ed, the idea and the tools are quickly trickling down to high school age and even younger because they are great for goal setting as well as recognizing and recording the competencies students need to work towards.