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Difference Making

Review: The Future of Jobs and Job Training

With the emergence of new educational and training programs to suit the changing job market, what does a graduate profile look like? In this post, I look at PEW Research's recent report: The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training.

Project-Based Learning

The Rise of AI Demands Project-Based Learning

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, and interviews with leaders in several different fields about AI point to the same thing: an increasing importance in self-directed learning--lifelong, often project-based and (when possible) with a diverse team.

Personalized Learning

Parent Power Fuels Rocketship

Rocketship's Spark Academy in San Jose supports students growth through an innovative rotational model, a learning lab and diverse technology programs in the classroom. The foundation of the school model includes community, parent and teacher involvement in the students individualized learning pathway on a daily basis.