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Where do you go when you want to learn something, but it’s not a simple question that Google will be able to quickly answer for you? There are a million places to look, but significantly fewer promising options. To pair it down a bit, and help you get on board with our July theme of “anytime, anywhere learning,” today we are recognizing 40 open resources for K-12, postsecondary, and anytime learning.

Free & Open Education Resources, K-12

Postsecondary OER

Anytime Learning

  • International-friendly collection of free online courses
  • Open online courses
  • CodeAcademy: Learn to code interactively, and with certifications, for free
  • Coursera: Over 2000 of the world’s best courses for free (pay for specialization or degree)
  • Daily Bits Of: Bite-sized lessons straight to your inbox
  • edX: Non-profit created by Harvard and MIT
  • General Assembly: Learn from experts on business, tech & design
  • LearnZillion: Great instructional resources for teachers
  • Video courses for business skills, now part of LinkedIn (which is part of Microsoft)
  • MentorMob: Education search engine
  • Skillsoft: World’s largest corporate training providers
  • Udemy: Online courses from expert teachers
  • Udacity: IT and coding nanodegrees
  • Skillshare: Project-based classes, anytime, anywhere
  • TED-Ed: Create customized lessons around TED videos
  • YouTube: Videos on everything

We’re sure we missed some great resources. Which would you add? Share in the comments section below, and don’t forget to check out our other recent Smart Lists at our Smart List Series Page.

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Amazon Inspire is back with a beta site full of OER

Dennis russo

Tom, you beat me to it, Amazon has potential.


On 10/18/17 announced a partnership with ACT, the national educational testing company. Their personalized learning application, EdReady (, was used by 500,000 student in the U.S. last year, a large number, but only a fraction of those students that can benefit from this learning tool. Now the EdReady technology will offered as a new product, ACT CollegeReady.

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