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Caroline is President of Getting Smart. Follow Caroline on Twitter, @Cvanderark.

Becoming Fearless with Jean Case

We recently had the opportunity to interview Jean Case about her new book, Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a LIfe of Breakthroughs and Purpose. Listen in as we discuss her definition of fearlessness and how she thinks both students and teachers can act on this principle (of letting urgency conquer fear).

Improving Organizational Culture: The What vs. The Why

The start of a new year is a great time to take a personal, team, and organization pulse and set intentions which will help carry you throughout the year. One helpful exercise for all organizations to go through is to reexamine both the organization’s “why” and each team member’s personal “why”.

Learning Gardens Provide Equity, Access and Great Food

Caroline Vander Ark has long appreciated community and school gardens but worried that they often didn’t connect to student learning and create a lasting impact. However, when she heard about the work of Big Green she was intrigued and reached out to Kate Waller, who manages their national growth to learn more.

Designing the Classroom of the Future: Technology as a Force Multiplier

By: Caroline Vander Ark. It’s my mission to ensure that all students have access to high quality personalized learning options. Technology can help us get there faster and bridge the divide that too many students still face. The innovative use of technology allows educators to reconfigure the traditional K-12 classroom and redesign schools to create personalized learning solutions that better serve all students.

Getting Smart Podcast | How Minecraft Improves SEL Outcomes

Following the release of a research report, this podcast shares the research findings connecting Minecraft and student SEL outcomes. Listen in to educator and student voices and results from a global survey.

How Gaming Can Encourage Social and Emotional Learning

A teacher, school admin and PBL expert share strategies and insights about how gaming can actually boost social and emotional outcomes for students.

Getting Smart on Data Interoperability

This Smart Bundle features case studies from the perspective of educators and administrators, as well as a series of profiles that share how companies are thinking, planning and guiding their product development process to address these user needs.


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