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Smart Planet

On Creating a University for the Planet

By Tom Vander Ark. University for the Planet is a big idea. But it just might start small with a few people coming together in community, sharing what they know, and making a contribution.  

Smart Planet

10 Innovations that Support Students’ Community Contributions

How many of us recall our elementary and secondary education experiences truly mattering outside the four walls of our schools? Surely our parents, relatives or neighbors saw some value in what we studied, but few if any programs focused on supporting students in community outreach and impact. Thankfully, that’s changing.

SEL & Mindset

The 5th C May Be the Most Important of All

In this post, David Ross explains how the 4Cs were not sufficient to meet Chinese educational needs. They wanted to add a fifth C, which they call “cultural competence.” According to the Chinese, the fifth C trumps them all: “Cultural competency is the fundamental value of every Chinese and provides guidance for the other four aspects (skills).”