Personalized Learning

#FETC | Moving Student Consumers to Creators of Digital Games

By: Cori Coburn. While there are excellent technology tools available to help educators create engaging content, I would like to invite a change of perspective: Seek the tools and opportunities that allow students to become the creators of these game based tools.


Game Based Learning: Serious Educational Play

Real game based learning has learning as a side effect of achieving the game’s main objective and gaining skill at the actual game mechanic. In this blog we talk gaming with a number of academic experts and practitioners of game based learning.


MobLab Brings Interactive Experiments To The Social Sciences

Students learn by doing experiments and experiencing how things work first-hand in the natural and physical sciences. In 2011, two Caltech scientists, Walter Yuan and Stephanie Wang, founded MobLab to bring such powerful game-based learning experiences to economics, management, and all of the social sciences.


E-Line Scaling Learning Games and Impact

Building a viable business model has proven more difficult that building interesting games. E-Line Media may have cracked the code on combining education and entertainment and scaling game-based learning.

Personalized Learning

Got Game? How Play Enhances Learning

By: Delicia Sepulveda. For the past two years, I've had a hand in creating games that today reach hundreds of thousands of students, helping them learn math in a fun and engaging way. I get to see students playing with puzzles that I designed, and I get to experience first-hand the impact of these games on student learning.


Classcraft Gamifies Classroom Culture

In this new game, Classcraft, the more students do well in class, not only academically but by supporting their classmates' learning, the more they gain points by succeeding with real positive actions, such as bringing notes to an exam.