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Robots Are Not Just for Computer Labs Anymore

The Hummingbird Duo may be the first electronics kit that is fun and educational for a fourth grader, a high school student, a college engineering student, and an adult maker. The Hummingbird Duo provides several levels of engineering and technology learning.


High Expectations at #NSVFSummit 2014

Today, at the New Schools Venture Fund Summit the group of more than 1,000 attendees were treated to an incredible keynote from Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative.


Digital Citizenship: There’s an App for That From

Simply limiting or restricting access is not the answer to keeping students safe. Students need to use the tools that will help them learn their best at any time and anywhere. As a result, has developed a brand new Digital Citizenship App, specifically designed for middle and high school students, to teach them how to be safe and make good choices online.

Personalized Learning

10 Tips for Online Student Success

This week we talked to two of its online educators of the year, Shawn Wigg (HS Math) and Elise Harris (MS Civics) both to whom online learning is not new. They are full-time, online teachers at FLVS and know what it takes for students to succeed in online courses- because they see it every day.


Classcraft Gamifies Classroom Culture

In this new game, Classcraft, the more students do well in class, not only academically but by supporting their classmates' learning, the more they gain points by succeeding with real positive actions, such as bringing notes to an exam.

Personalized Learning

Online Learning Works for Student Athletes

Online learning is not just for "certain" students- the real beauty of it that is allows school to work for students in new and innovative ways. That definitely includes the students who are motivated to succeed in athletics as well as the classroom.