The “Great Game” of Teaching History

By: Stephanie J Hull. This summer a group of teachers created HistoryQuest: a game to help students not just learn about civics and elections, but take part in the action and decision making as active participants.

Personalized Learning

4 Concentration Activities for Students

By: Riya Sander. Keeping students engaged through an entire day of classes is a struggle many educators face. Here are four fun classroom activities to help boost student focus and participation.

Personalized Learning

Civic Education: Can Games Make the Grade?

By: Victoria Van Voorhis. Game-based learning invites students to experience subjects such as civics for themselves in new ways, motivating them to learn even more about the content.


Would a Kid Make a Better President?

By: Louise Dube & Carrie Ray-Hill. Win the White House is a free online game that teaches students what it means to run for office by empowering them to create and manage their very own presidential campaigns.

Competency-Based Education

1Up on Grades

By: Mitch Weisburgh. Three education leaders who are active in the game-based learning movement share their thoughts about leaderboards and competency-based learning in schools.