MobLab Brings Interactive Experiments To The Social Sciences

Students learn by doing experiments and experiencing how things work first-hand in the natural and physical sciences. In 2011, two Caltech scientists, Walter Yuan and Stephanie Wang, founded MobLab to bring such powerful game-based learning experiences to economics, management, and all of the social sciences.

Today, over 1800 instructors in higher education and 200 high schools have used MobLab’s games to cover a wide range of topics in economics, game theory, finance, strategy, negotiations, behavioral economics, industrial organization, political economy, and more. Their students get to actively participate and gain experience in games such as markets and auctions by interacting with their peers on a mobile device or through a browser. Learning becomes fun, memorable, immersive, context-rich, and accessible.

Growth. The southern California startup recently closed a $2.25 million round of financing. In addition to continually enlarging its suite of games, MobLab recently signed a partnership agreement with Macmillan Education. “We are very excited about this partnership opportunity. It introduces our technology to many more instructors and students, and also enable us to combine our games with rich content for a seamlessly integrated and innovative learning experience,” says Yuan.

In the next few months MobLab will integrate with a number of leading Learning Management Systems, unveil a suite of macroeconomic games, provide more comprehensive supporting material for easier adoption, and add a discussion forum to grown the extensive product support into a community.

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Tom Vander Ark

At SXSWedu, Mob lab announced a content bundle partnership with Macmillan

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