Learning Design

This topic covers topics from school and system design to the science of learning.


Town Hall Recap: Microschools Can Lead To Macro Change

Last week, we hosted our April Getting Smart Town Hall, Microschools Can Lead to Macro Change. This event touched on the many ways in which microschools have come to the fore through the last year and how oftentimes they enable schools to be more agile, more personalized and more effective.

Learning Design

Transforming Student Engagement Through Dialogue: 3 Approaches for Every Classroom

By: Danielle Isbell & John Sarrouf. Classroom engagement is essential to the long term success of students, and engagement is impacted by pre-established norms and patterns of classroom dynamic. Applying the core principles of Essential Partner’s Dialogic Classroom can transform classroom dynamics (online and in-person) and allow for increased connection, engagement, and communication.