10 Tips for Smarter EdTech Purchasing

When a market is growing as quickly as the educational technology industry is, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of competing companies and products. These ten tips can help wade through the options.


An Assessment for Change: “Is It Best for Kids?”

Even having a clear goal--the improvement of education for all students--does not mean that change will always be easy. Here are six lessons I have learned through difficult, messy and at times painful opportunities to deliver change.

Smart Work

The Road to Solutions

Over the last month, our family vehicle has been having issues. The battery died once, we gave it a jump and didn’t think about it again. Two weeks later, it would not start again. Here's what we learned about solving problems through the process.


Allovue: Making Student Success the Bottom Line

In an effort to address common issues and challenges with K-12 finances, a former middle-school teacher gathered a team together to create this financial app for school and district leaders to help them make better decisions for students.

Project-Based Learning

3 Ways to Prepare Educators to Teach PBL

By: Dr. Art Fessler. For project-based learning to reach its full potential, teachers must learn to step back and be facilitators in the classroom. Here are my three best practices as a superintendent to effectively support educators in a PBL environment.