School design

Network Effect

101 Top School and Charter Networks

School networks are one of the most important innovations in the modern era of U.S. K-12 education. This list recognizes 101 great school networks that have achieved scaled impact to improve education for millions of children.


Calibrating District-Level Innovation

By: David Adler. Research shows that professional development that builds cultures of practice must place a heavy emphasis on teachers collaborating and talking about their practices, beliefs, and attitudes. Here, we look at some good ways to do just that.

Schools Worth Visiting

Because Being a “Good School” Isn’t Good Enough

By: Andrew Rubin. We instinctively tend to think that schools with big problems require major turnarounds, and that schools that operate smoothly and successfully - the typical “good school” -  only need minor course corrections each year. The first part may be true. The second part isn’t.

Future of Learning

School Design that Combats Nature Deficit Disorder

By: Ashley Flores & Lida Lewis. There can be a healthy balance struck between media intake and real-world engagement. This balance is much more likely to happen through intentional design. The good news is that there’s a simple design prescription for what ails: nature. “Biophilic design” focuses on bringing elements of nature—from literal plant and water features to more analogous and referential approaches—into our built environments.


School Networks: Getting Beyond the Technical

As soon as our network makes a partnership official with a new affiliate, the first question is typically: “When can we get a copy of your curriculum?” While this is flattering, it completely misses the larger point for why our network exists.

Project-Based Learning

4 Ways to Build a Better Schedule

By: Erin Werra. Dr. Ashanti Bryant Foster once said, “A master schedule must be built with the same level of care and attention as a new home where a family will spend the next 20 years growing together.” No pressure, right?