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Good Work: Flower Planting & Brand Building

Choosing a discipline is the choice of winners. –Michael Tracy and Fred Wiersema The Nike swoosh on so many shoes and clothes has become synonymous with the “Just Do It” attitude.  It captures the soul of the youth culture and personifies Nike’s niche.  Brands like the Nike swoosh…

Personalized Learning

Blended Restarts: Everything is Different Now

School improvement will remain a challenge, but selectively incorporating online learning into improvement plans can make it easier to staff a struggling school and a strategy for ensuring consistent quality of teaching and learning.

Personalized Learning

Fix v Start

The education paradox—radically constrained and empowered with new tools.

Personalized Learning


Rep Chu and the NEA released a proposal to give free money to failing schools--a bad idea. National Journal carries the debate. My take: SIG should be more not less restrictive if you care about getting low income kids into better educational options ASAP.