School design

Place Based Education

A Place-Based Micro-School in the Heart of D.C.

Whether at the early childhood or the high school level, we see that leaders are listening to their students and developing responsive microschool models. Have a good learning idea? Try it with six kids tomorrow.

Future of Learning

12 Next Steps for Ed Leaders

The rapidly changing employment landscape and the future of work have created a new set of realities, roles and responsibilities for leaders. Here's 12 next steps to take on the challenge ahead.


School Change: Go Fast and Go Slow

By: Mary Ryerse and Emily Liebtag. School change--be it a new initiative, a push for a shift in culture, or the adoption of a different teaching approach--requires both tortoises and hares.

Smart Work

Building the Future: Designing With Purpose

Change is hard, and change is personal. If you and your team have determined that change is needed to design learning experiences that prepare students for the future, what steps do you take? Here's our process.