School design

Future of Learning

Eight Ways New Schools Innovate

With the rapid global shift to hybrid and remote learning, there is a renewed interest in new school models. Highlighted are eight ways schools are innovating.

SEL & Mindset

Developing Purposeful Peak Performers

By: Tim Klein It was at mile 16 of the Boston Marathon that I “hit the wall.” My entire body was giving out on me and I wanted to quit. I had started the race strong, passing hundreds of other runners. Now, runners on both sides were effortlessly passing…

Competency-Based Education

Portrait of a Graduate: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

By: Angela Duffy A truly student-centered school design process demands that educators form a deep understanding of the students and communities they plan to serve, including the goals and aspirations of students. In Springpoint’s work with school designers nationally, we ask partners to work with students to develop a joint…

Equity & Access

The Evolving Role of School Scheduling

By: Erin Werra. As we gaze into the future of K12 education, what scheduling changes do we see budding? How are these changes affecting the health of kids—and the community?