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Future of Learning

Solution Design: Mindsets, Practices and Systems

Adam Kulaas kicks off the first in a series of blogs that will explore the pitfalls and celebrations associated with designing large and small scale solutions. With emphasis on starting with self assessment and reflection, join him as he delivers a map to designing the future of learning.


Leadership: The Humble Path of Decision Making

Leadership is s windy road with decisions at every turn. In this blog, Adam explores making decisions through a personal journey of his own experiences and that of the partners that he works with to transform learner experience.

Project-Based Learning

Rise: Voice of a New Generation

Empowering student voice with a mission to disrupt for good, One Stone High in Boise, Idaho serves as inspiration for The Earth Network’s powerful Jon Long documentary, Rise: Voice of a New Generation.


Smart Review | Agilix Dawn

As a learning design and perhaps more accurately described, solution firm, Getting Smart makes a point of looking at innovations across a wide range of topics, which naturally includes tools that increase equity of access and promote lifelong learning. I recently had an opportunity to catch up with the Agilix team…

Equity & Access

The Future of Learner Experience (LX)

Our team recently got together with innovative educators and brilliant learners to discuss the future of learner experiences. Learning surrounds us. As we walked and talked, we uncovered that the future of LX is now.


Re-Up on Your Goals, Get SMART(er²)

While it is convenient with the start of a new calendar year, there is never a wrong time to set goals. Just be sure to respect the process and allot the appropriate amount of time to do it right. Here are some useful strategies that we like.

SEL & Mindset

How Did You Fail Advisory?

When my oldest son failed advisory, it resurfaced and fueled questions and reflections about advisory that continue to be daily drivers in a quest to transform learner experiences. Here are the answers I've come up with so far.