6 Practices of Thoughtful Leaders

Here are examples of thoughtful education leaders creating innovative places where young people can practice consideration, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in a complex and sometimes overly violent world.

Personalized Learning

4 Ways to Promote Growth Mindset in Project-Based Learning

By: Charity Moran Parsons. Project-based learning in the classroom supports the development of a growth mindset. Students' perceptions of their own ability to do the hard work happens when teachers engage in reflection with students, build skills in sustained inquiry over time and more. Here are some best practices for using PBL to support growth mindset.


10 Tips for Developing Student Agency

Student agency may be as important an outcome of schooling as basic skills according to a new Harvard study. "The Influence of Teaching Beyond Standardized Test Scores: Engagement, Mindsets, and Agency" makes 10 suggestions for teaching.


How to Build a Growth Mindset into School Culture

By: Tiffany Della Vedova. A growth mindset must be a prerequisite belief and an easy one to champion. However, the divide between comprehension and practice can be quite wide. As school leaders, how can we bring awareness to this gap and implement practices to cultivate a growth mindset within our schools?