Future of Learning

Solution Design: Mindsets, Practices and Systems

Adam Kulaas kicks off the first in a series of blogs that will explore the pitfalls and celebrations associated with designing large and small scale solutions. With emphasis on starting with self assessment and reflection, join him as he delivers a map to designing the future of learning.


Leadership: The Humble Path of Decision Making

Leadership is s windy road with decisions at every turn. In this blog, Adam explores making decisions through a personal journey of his own experiences and that of the partners that he works with to transform learner experience.

Difference Making

Taking Charge of My Own Learning

By: Shannon Yang. Taking a gap year after graduating high school this year means taking ownership over my learning, rekindling the spark of my love to learn and ultimately preparing myself for success once I do attend to college and join the workforce.


Three Tips for Leaving Your Classroom Island

By: Stacie Zdrojewski. In our classrooms, we often have students work in groups to solve a problem, but as teachers we often work alone. Here are a few ways to find opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and grow as a professional.


On Balancing Improvement & Innovation

Innovations such as personalized and competency-based learning mean doing things differently, which can be hard work. Here are 10 tips to help EdLeaders balance improvement and innovation.

Place Based Education

Teaching Empathy Through Place-Based Education

By: Jenny Pieratt. While searching for a way to teach my students both empathy and content, I discovered the solution through place-based learning as we interacted, engaged and connected with our community.