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SEL & Mindset

Jump Start: How to Encourage Proactivity

Everybody can be proactive. Everybody has the potential to be a champion for their ideas and get started on things and be inspiring to others. Johanna Peetz, a psychology professor at Carleton University shares more.

SEL & Mindset

Know Thyself: Your Values Are Your Compass

When you affirm a core personal value, you shore up your sense of self-worth. You broaden your perspective: Instead of zooming in on your inadequacies, you switch to a wide-angle view that includes your resources and opportunities.

SEL & Mindset

Echoes of Fear: Consistent Exposure Keeps Anxiety at Bay

Today, I’ve asked Seth J. Gillihan to share his Tip of the Week. Earlier this year, I was so excited to get together with my youngest brother and his family for the first time since the pandemic—and to meet my new nephew. So when we settled into the living room…