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The Elementary Years: Four Pillars That Build a Strong Foundation

By: Liz Wimmer. The knowledge and skills children gain from 6 to 12 years form the basis of all future education. Parents can help children take advantage of this readiness and build a solid foundation for later success. Here are four key areas where parents can guide children during the elementary school years.

Difference Making

Success Takes Agency, Identity, and Competency

Young adult success requires agency, an integrated identity, and competencies. Drawing on research from many fields, theory and practice to identify building blocks for life success, The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research developed a framework for youth development.

Personalized Learning

Growth Mindset Parenting

By: Eduardo Briceño. As part of our Smart Parents series, Eduardo, CEO and co-founder of Mindset Works, writes about the importance of growth mindset and how parents can encourage a growth mindset through becoming a growth mindset role model and monitoring how they talk to their students about hard work, praise, and intelligence.


Forming an Entrepreneurial Mindset in K-12 Students

By: Ryan S. Olson. Perhaps the most important question of our time is, Are we forming young people who will thrive in these times? Parents must address this. So must educators, who significantly form children. But educators fail students if they foster only technical skills and textbook knowledge