Data Science

Future of Learning

Living on Curves

Our kids are growing up on a curve--a public health curve, an exponential technology curve, and a climate curve. These curves demand personal and collective behavior change, yet we don't see collective action. How do we turn these realizations into action?


Focusing on Data That Matters: The Plainview Story

By partnering with a university and studying data from several sources including Curriculum Associates' i-Ready, Texas's Plainview Independent School District performed an equity audit and developed an action plan to focus first and foremost on improving instruction and classroom dynamics.


Dear Novice Teacher, Let’s Talk Data

By: Dr. Justin Aglio and Anna Myers. Justin and Anna discuss how to help all educators, specifically novice teachers, understand the importance and significance of data in education.


6 Hallmarks to Building Data Culture

Sarasota County Schools shares their journey to creating a strong data culture by partnering with Curriculum Associates, following six key steps, and maintaining commitment and accountability from all stakeholders.