Data Science


In Data, Making Things Equal

There’s more than one reason why the sales cycle in school districts takes 18 months or so. One of the reasons is controlling for outcomes. Nobody wants to pay money for something that is unproven — like online learning — even though it’s clearly changed the lives of millions of…

Personalized Learning

Ten Things for DQC2.0 to Figure Out

The National Data Quality Campaign made a huge contribution and is now part of federal policy. Given the flood of data from online learning, it's time to start working on DQC2.0.


Putting Ed Reform Policy Makers in Charge of Better Info Systems

Data Quality Campaign Managing Director Aimee Guidera says that in the push for Longitudinal Data Systems, some of these states have built Maseratis, but it's not worth it if you can't drive them anywhere, or you dont' know how to drive. Here is her push to get state decision makers to support strong LDS infrastructure and use.