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Personalized Learning

Video: The Promise of Digital Learning

Motivating, more data, personalization, self-paced, ownership, equalization, extended time, great teaching, learner profiles and working conditions are the ten benefits of digital learning highlighted in this video. These benefits are only the start of unlocking the promise of digital learning.


10 Current Lesson Ideas for BYOD and BYOT

Here are 10 current strategies for the BYOD classroom as the solution still continues to continues to grow because more and more teachers can attest to it being a way to open up access and improve learning for more students.


Relax. It is You . . . And Them

Yes, it all happened. Everything we feared would come true did to some degree. We had students that got off task in class and missed the assignments or the lecture or the project. We had students download music in the hallways between classes so they could listen to it in the next period. We had students at home not doing the work they didn't due in class because they were playing games, or on Facebook, or tweeting, or listening. Yes, it all happened.


Top Tech Gear of 2013

2013 isn't quite over yet but we are approaching the busy season of new releases. Today, we are sharing this great infographic from FinancesOnline.com - a retrospective of the year, as well as a sneak peek into what we still have to look forward to, gadget wise.


Using SAMR to Teach Above the Line

The SAMR model is a useful tool for helping teachers think about their own tech use as they begin to make small shifts in the design and implementation of technology driven learning experiences to achieve the next level.


An Update on Apple in Education

Apple in Education has come a long way with over 8 million iPads purchased by schools and colleges - 4.5 million by K-12 schools in the U.S. and with more than 75,000 learning apps now in the Apple store.