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10 Reasons the Shift May Happen Faster Than You Think

At the State EdTech Directors Association (SETDA) annual conference I talked about a dozen of the factors accelerating the shift to digital learning: 1. Cheap tablets: they cost less than a backpack of books. 2. More broadband and promising initiatives to extend access to low income families.

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Not My Parents High School

I spent the last two days in Chicago with principals and superintendents including Glenn Vos from Holland Christian Schools (HCS).  While it includes the high school that my parents graduated from, this is not a Rip Van Winkle school system. Ted Sizer and the Coalition of…


10 Unique Lesson Ideas for BYOD and BYOT

Bring your own device (BYOD) and bring your own technology (BYOT) policies are growing in education and the workplace. Teachers are taking advantage of mobile devices for "m-learning," putting those mini computers in kids' backpacks and pockets to use. Here are 10 lesson ideas for BYOD and m-learning in the classroom.

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6 Reasons EdLeaders Should Let Kids Bring Devices to School

Bans on student use of mobile devices exist for some good reasons—kids use them inappropriately at school and there are safety and security concerns.  So why bother considering a change?  There are six reasons to consider BYOD. Digital natives learn and live with technology.  Most have and bring devices…

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Bring Your Own What, and Why?

This article was originally published by Bruce Dixon on the AALF.org Blog. At several recent conferences at which I have been speaking, there has been a lot of interest in the concept of students bringing their own computers, laptops, technology or devices…depending on how you like…

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1:1 Dialog

The education transition from print to digital is complicated. DLC advisors weigh in.