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Personalized Learning

BYOD: Key to Active 3 Screen Day, Not An Equity Solution

Most of us learn and work on 2 or 3 screens--students should have the same opportunity to use the right device for the right job and the right time. Sometimes a mobile consumption device is just right. Sometimes a keyboard and a 13 inch screen is the best tool for writing and editing.

Personalized Learning

An Elementary Edcamp- An Unconference for Students

So how do you get started? I would get familiar with the edcamp model or even attend one (not required) to fully see one in action. See how the session board is setup, how sessions go and who partakes, maybe even you. This will help you share with your students. It did for me. Then if you are using Google Apps in Education, I would post a spreadsheet with a link for them to fill out the sessions.