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Smart Work

Imaging the Future: How Innovative School Districts Are Looking Ahead

As technology advances quickly, the opportunities (and implications) for teaching and learning in traditional school districts will continue to evolve. A recent district partnership encouraged us to take a look into the not so near future to paint a picture of possible futures.

Early Learning

Best of 2016 STEM Gifts for Kids: Preschool Through Elementary

This holiday season is the perfect chance to treat the little ones you love to something that will encourage exploration, critical thinking & problem solving. Here, we've compiled a list of great STEM gifts for kids ranging in age from preschool to elementary school.


Middle Grade Math: Comprehensive and Open

When it comes to open content in the math classroom, it can be challenging for teachers to piece together the resources they need to best support their students. Open Up Resources is hoping to change that.


Family Checklist | Is Your Child’s School Student Centered?

In honor of our Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning one year anniversary, here is a checklist for parents who want to learn more about what student-centered learning looks like and whether or not it is happening in their student's school.


Do You Have A Blended Learning Department? You Should.

Washington, D.C., is an interesting place for education, as we recently witnessed while touring schools there with a group from Kansas City to learn more about what the district has done to blended and personalized learning.