STEM & Maker

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Maker programs are the emphasis on more technical disciplines espousing innovation and invention as application, acquiring tangible skills that lean into those critical professions of the 21st century.

Future of Learning

Taking the Guesswork Out of Science

By: Regina Ahmann. Technology is increasing the accuracy of science experiments and putting the power of data, information, and insights into students’ hands.

Future of Learning

Why Math and STEM Education is a Social Justice Issue

By: Dr. Gina Cherkowski. Emphasis on mathematics as a driver for high-quality STEM and its translation to life is a continued element of learning design. Join Dr. Cherkowski as she unpacks multiple angles to include social justice, equity, assessment of growth and opportunity.

Future of Learning

Thinking With Your Hands

As children think with their hands and represent their thinking through the arts, they can make sense of science, technology and engineering.

Future of Learning

T³ Alliance: Developing “Solutionary” Mindsets

Mindset meets design thinking through project-based learning, resulting in a community coming together to solve real issues. Rebecca shares her instructor training experience with T³ Alliance and their organized collaboration between Upward Bound programs across the nation.

Project-Based Learning

A Refresher Course on the NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are a structured and cohesive three-dimensional approach to science education in the US. This post explores what they are, and how they work.


STEM Projects in Active Learning Spaces at Samueli Academy

“If they know we care, they respond,” said Anthony Saba, Executive Director at Samueli Academy in Santa Ana. He’s learned that “You can’t have good academics without a strong culture.” A culture of trust, respect, and hard work is evident in every classroom at Samueli Academy.


Training Engineers to Spot Opportunity and Impact

The KEEN National Conference brings together a diverse group of higher education engineering faculty and leadership to explore how entrepreneurial mindsets can better prepare engineering students for the future of work. Learn more here.