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The Jade Robot
The Jade Robot helps kids learn how to code.

You’ve heard about LEGO and Little Bits kits, and you’ve probably seen the cute little Dash and Dot robots. But there is the little robot from Ontario with more features at about two thirds the price.

The Jade Robot from Mimetics was designed to transform the way children learn to code.

John Maamary, VP Business Transformation, explains the benefits, “It comes pre-assembled, has more sensors, costs less, offers more curriculum, and can be used for a number of years.”

Jade is designed to teach children aged eight and up how to code in Scratch and C. It is equipped with a light, object, line, spectrometer sensors and an interactive screen where a child may control and program the robot. It has an impressive eight-hour batteryand it’s rechargeable.

A few studies have been conducted on Jade with some promising results. The Jade Robot works especially well with special needs students.

“The Jade Robot is a robot unlike any that I have seen on the market. It seems virtually indestructible, comes already put together and spans our continuum of coding languages we encourage in the classroom – from button to block to code,” said Mistene Clapp, Connected Technology Teacher in Limestone, Ontario.

Jade’s Toronto Backstory

After earning a B.S. from the University of Waterloo, Myke Predko spent 25 years in tech in Toronto. Mimetics started in 2001 as a volunteer activity at the Ontario Science Center. The goal was to create interest and innovate in STEAM.

Predko founded Mimetics with a group of educators and received funding from First Stone Venture Partners.

After working with many educational robotics kits, Predko aimed at the gaps that students, teachers and parents complained about. After multiple kid-tested prototypes, Jade the robot was born.

Jade is currently being used to educate children in North America, Europe, and the Middle East (with Arabic coding features).

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