Project-Based Learning

(PBL) is an instructional approach where traditional, direct classroom instruction and tests are replaced by authentic, often interdisciplinary projects, usually designed by the student with guidance from instructors/coaches, addressing real-world problems as the assessment instead of a test. It also is closely related to deeper learning, challenge-based learning, interest-based learning and more.

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Video: Deeper Learning For Every Student Every Day

Today, to accompany the paper we share with you the video created to showcase the six Deeper Learning competencies needed to provoke Deeper Learning, regardless of the school model or location. With real college and career ready standards and shifting to online assessment, we really have an opportunity to help students achieve at higher levels.

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Deeper Learning: For Every Student Every Day

As a preview to the paper, we’ve released the Executive Summary which offers a map of profiled school locations, a deeper dive into the six Deeper Learning competencies and ten practices that promote Deeper Learning. For more on Deeper Learning make sure to check out the infographic released this fall that complements the paper’s themes.

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Preview the Deeper Learning MOOC Now

A growth mindset is an absolute necessary ingredient for Deeper Learning. This discussion has just heightened our appetite for everything there is to master by participating in the full Deeper Learning MOOC.

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Common Choice: Thin Test Prep or Deeper Learning

Higher expectations and engaging learning experiences are compatible. New college and career ready expectations will yield better preparation for American students if education leaders value deeper learning rather than resorting to stifling test prep.

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Infographic: Deeper Learning

While the schools may look different from the outside, they most definitely share a common purpose—to give ALL students the opportunity to learn in a Deeper Learning environment. And the schools are...

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Deeper Learning in High Need Schools

Many of the schools we studied this summer serve high challenge low income communities. They share six characteristics that appear to support the success of low-income students.