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4 Steps To Make Your Field Trip Matter

As a parent chaperone and keen observer of the teachers and hosts during my daughter's recent kindergarten class field trip, I picked up these four tips to help make these trips really matter for students.

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Parenting, Learning and The Power of Place

My husband and I recently decided to put the “4 I’s” of Smart Parents into practice during this year's family vacation. Here’s what we learned about parenting and the power of place while exploring and adventuring with our daughters.

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Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom

Teaching kids skills like meditation and integrating practices can help them develop mindfulness throughout the school day. Here are several resources to help calm their bodies and activate their minds in the classroom.


Virtual Reality – Hope or Hype?

With our interest in the potential of virtual reality coming to the classroom, we enjoyed a recent article from our friend Michael Horn exploring whether or not we should believe the hype.