Global Education

Future of Learning

Save The Planet–Starting Today

If we have a list of the issues that will shape the future--an earth owner’s manual--when and how should we introduce them to young people? What does it mean to be really ready and why should we be encouraging young people to engage with the world’s most important issue? Tom Vander Ark answers these questions and more.


Utilizing Technology to Build Global Learning and SEL

Global learning and social and emotional learning (SEL) are two increasingly important concepts in education. Individually, both of these concepts are terrific--but coupled together they can make for a deeply powerful learning experience for students.

Project-Based Learning

Global Education For All

By: India Hui. Thrival Academy offers study abroad and global education to students from all backgrounds, particularly students from underserved communities, to open their minds to the many possibilities for their lives they may have never even considered before.