Sketchnoting 101: Students Making the Invisible, Visible

Sketchnoting is an exciting add-on to the practices within your classroom, and is very aligned with a design thinking mindset. It provides students with a creative outlet for discovery and a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate vulnerability in learning new things.

Future of Learning

A Celebration of Cross-Curricular Creativity

By: Andy Plemmons. The interdisciplinary nature of the project means that students have multiple sources of support throughout the project, from the art teacher to intervention teachers to classroom teachers to the librarian.

Future of Learning

Education in the Innovation Economy

By: John Eger. Many tech CEOs prefer employees with liberal arts degrees, as “the liberal arts train students to thrive in subjectivity and ambiguity, a necessary skill in the tech world where few things are black and white.” Learn more here.

Project-Based Learning

Engaging Students: Movement Through Games and Music

With a greater focus on flexible learning environments, and educators looking to promote student choice and voice, the perception of “what classrooms look like” has changed, and continues to evolve into a more active learning space--a place where students are empowered.

Personalized Learning

Creativity: The Most Common Superpower

By: William Lester. Careers in creativity used to be strictly for the arts. A person that has the ability to make your work differ from the other artist and from the norm, but now creativity is for more than just the arts.

Project-Based Learning

Philadelphia Is Reimagining Arts & Creativity Education Programming

By: Erik Day and Emily Liebtag. With their new Arts & Creativity Framework, Philadelphia is rethinking what arts education means and bringing it into the 21st century with a replicable strategy focused on stakeholder voice, resource allocation and community engagement.

SEL & Mindset

Celebrating Creativity in the Classroom

Our theme for November is "Celebrating Creativity." This month, we’re excited to share stories centered around creativity and would love to hear more from you about how you’re making space for creativity in the classroom.