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This podcast highlights developing trends in K-12 education, postsecondary and lifelong learning. Each week, Getting Smart team members interview students, leading authors, experts and practitioners in research, tech, entrepreneurship and leadership to bring listeners innovative and actionable strategies in education leadership.

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Project-Based Learning

Brain Research, Creativity and Project-Based Learning

Does brain research support the belief that if you want to produce a student outcome such as creativity you first must build a classroom culture in which creativity can grow and then you must adopt a pedagogy (like PBL) that allows it to bloom? David Ross explains.

SEL & Mindset

Cultivating the Culture of Creativity

One of the Four C’s that is particularly routinely referenced and seen as foundational to our students’ future success is creativity. This post shares some strategies for building a culture that supports students as they develop this essential trait.


The Innovation Inequity Paradox

By Matt Hiefield and Tom Vander Ark. Innovation in education is never a bad thing but, as Matt Hiefield and Tom Vander Ark explain, getting the balance right between fostering innovation and fighting for equity may be the challenge of our time.