Smart Planet

The Smart Planet series seeks out stories from educators and organizations (around the world) addressing social justice, civil rights and equity. Find out how leaders are teaching in light of these new challenges. Move beyond collection of resources to actually doing.


Innovations Creating a #SmartPlanet

At two recent regional EdTech conferences (#NYSCATE15 & #GAETC15) I’ve had the good fortune to discuss world changing innovations with hundreds of forward-leading tech-savvy teachers. What I asked them what innovations would boost global learning, here’s a few of the responses.


Strategies for Engaging Global Learners

By: Yumi Kuwana & Dana Teppert. We need to prepare students to live and work in an increasingly interdependent world marked by interactions with diverse cultures, rapid change, and complex global challenges for which easy answers do not exist.


Robots & Implications For Life On Planet Earth

It's hard to know how the growth of robots and maker learning tools will all play out but three near term educational implications seem clear. It will let kids show what they know, and there will be more opportunities for interest-based learning and deeper learning.

Personalized Learning

A Smart Planet: Dispatches from PBL World

Transforming education in the US and around the globe was the focus of Friday at PBL World. This got Bonnie thinking about her former students in Tanzania and the United States. How we create educational opportunities for all to transform learning is one of our paramount challenges.