Smart Planet

The Smart Planet series seeks out stories from educators and organizations (around the world) addressing social justice, civil rights and equity. Find out how leaders are teaching in light of these new challenges. Move beyond collection of resources to actually doing.

Smart Planet

For School Improvement, Network Globally

By: Bonnie Lathram and David Potter. Innovations and advancements in networks and platforms are improving schools. In this post, we look at why school districts everywhere should be looking to engage globally.

Future of Learning

Why Global Should Be the Education Movement of 2017

By: Bonnie Lathram and Dave Potter. As we close the year out, we are pondering where we are headed in the field of education in 2017. We challenge you to become a globally connected educator and join us in creating a Smart Planet in the new year.


What do Globally Competent Students Look Like?

By: David Young. In education, global competitiveness can be characterized as the set of skills and factors that support individuals’ personal and professional productivity in their communities and in the world. Being globally competitive today requires developing global competence.


On Learning, Productivity & Economic Growth

Advances in public health, improved economic opportunity, urbanization, technology innovation, or the expansion of democracy are all important trends. But I’d argue that, with some relation to all of these, expanded access to learning is the most important.